I didn't initially intend to make one of these this year, but since it seems it's now a thing for everyone else to try to make them, I might as well at least offer up "the original" for those with taste :)


Actually don't hate this. Or hate myself for doing it. Since I actually have a working relationship with the Penguins, I wouldn't consider using a part of their graphic identity in a for-profit design. Buuuut, since it's the Caps... fair game?

2017 Stanley Cup Champions

Heh, Sorry for a lack of progress updates this one. For this year's design, I opted to use a lot more color outlines for some of the interior details. Lips, patches, eyes, and jersey stitching outlines were all treated with color. That simple tweak really makes this one stand out from previous years.

2016 Holiday Print Update

I should have the final art ready for this year's holiday print ready to start shipping on December 10th. You will be able to preorder this print starting Monday, November 28. This print will be available in two sizes - 11"x17" and 22"x17". The 22"x17" will be a numbered edition limited to 50 copies.


Print illustration progress will be posted here and various social media spots.

2016 Stanley Cup Champions WIP

In addition to the print, there will be limited quantities of stickers in the following designs:

Crosby Away sticker 5"x5" Die Cut

Crosby Away sticker 5"x5" Die Cut

Lets Go Pens Cup Sticker (Revised 12/16) 5.5"x2.75" Die Cut